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Closing Day – June 2021

Real Estate is such a crazy business. Yes it is a business, but it really is a partnership. For a while this person, family, or couple is joining with me in the persuit of a home. We work together daily for weeks or sometimes months until we find all of the components that will fit their needs.

Each story is different, and in 21 years in the business I’ve yet to have 2 that were the same.

Maybe that’s why I got into Real Estate in the first place. I didn’t like the mundane schedule of a “regular job”. All of my jobs had been in service in one way or another, always working with the public in some way.

So this closing day is the culmination of 6 months partnering with this client. He came to me as a referral by a former client (who was a friend from high school), which has it’s own standard of expectation. You can’t do a great job for one and not knock it out of the park for the other.

This market from October to January changed drastically! Inventory has remained low and great homes are selling before they have been on the market a day. Add to that that for this particular client the direction the home faced was ultimately very important, so I couldn’t let them down! In the middle of all of that the market took a strange turn and now Buyer’s were offering Over asking price and without any of the usual safety nets. It required a huge amount of trust for the client to stay in the process at all!

Fast forward – Now they are closed, and getting settled in. There is so much satisfaction in bringing the clients through to a closing!

Now on to serve the next one.

MaKay Swanson

MaKay Swanson

I'm a Baby Boomer that isn't afraid to learn new things. I love technology and Social Media and enjoy being around and learning from all people. My occupation is Real Estate sales, but I'm so much more than my job. I Love helping folks, whether it's recommending my favorite restaurants or dog groomer, or laying out the perfect plan to help you buy or sell a home. I've got you covered - Call or text any time! (404) 993-4474 Your West Cobb Influencer since 2021 Selling Real Estate in Georgia since 2001 Cobb County Resident since 1986 Atlanta Native


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