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Best Of Cobb – Italian Restaurants

Who doesn’t love a huge plate of spaghetti?! 🍝 I know I do! And today that’s what’s on the menu as I tell you about some of my favorite Italian Restaurants in and around Cobb


Here’s a list of my favorite Italian spots around West Cobb where you can get a plateful of tasty carbs:

Modena Ristorante Vinoteca – 3412 Ernest W Barrett Pkwy NW, Marietta, GA

This location has had several Italian restaurants, but the most recent is my #1 favorite. They have remodeled and opened the dining room, and created a fantastic modern vibe with an atmosphere somewhere between upscale and corner bar. I know that doesn’t really make sense, but it is really hard to describe.

Then the food comes and you know you are some place special! I’ve been several times and stillordering the same dish Cernia Monzese – Blackened Grouper served over mushroom risotto with beurre blanc sauce. Oh my! I’m getting hungry just thinking about the perfection of this dish.

The Olive Tree Restaurant – 37 Beatty St 115 Hiram, GA

Before you complain that this is not in West Cobb, let me say, finding good Italian takes a willingness to venture beyond the boundaries of the county from time to time, and if the food is good then it’s worth the trip. That is the case with the Olive Tree. They serve Italian and Greek and the food is always good.

The atmosphere is rustic, in a building in Old Hiram. Hardwood floors and Brick walls create a wonderful environment for an evening meal with family or friends.

My favorite dish is the Chicken Marsala, consisting of sauteed chicken with marsala wine sauce and mushrooms, served over spaghetti. The silky texture of the sauce over the chicken and pasta is a delight to the palate.

Pasta Bella – 3696 Austell Road SW Marietta, GA

Pasta Bella brings us back into Cobb County on the Southern side of Marietta. Owned and Operated by the same folks who run the Marietta Diner, Marietta Fish Market, Casa Grande Mexican Restaurant, Yeero Village and Cherokee Cattle Company.

With a line up of some of Marietta’s favorite eateries, Pasta Bella covers Italian cuisine with an extensive menu of delightful dishes.

In true Marietta Diner style the Dining room makes the most of it’s space, but never skimps on service. The staff is always attentive and the food is always delicious.

My favorite dish is the Chicken Pasta Bella, sauteed chicken with fresh basil, sun dried tomatoes, artichokes, mushrooms and roasted garlic in a light white wine and lemon butter sauce with pasta.

The servings are more than enough, and will usually require a carry home box. Oh, and as long as they are boxing your leftovers, they might as well include a slice of one of their delectable dessert treats – a cake slice or maybe a piece of baklava or a cannoli.

Have you tried these, or do you have another favorite that I should try?

MaKay Swanson

MaKay Swanson

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