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West Cobb’s Best Donuts

So by now you guys know morning food makes me happy! I love a good breakfast, and don’t get me started about freshly baked pastries; the way to my heart is a good cheese danish!

Today it’s all about the Donuts! I know we have Dunkin on every corner around here and it is so easy to grab one of them and a coffee, or head over to the Kroger or Publix and grab a box of store packaged Krispy Kreme, but why would you??

Krispy Kreme

So the first stop is the Krispy Kreme: first I’ll admit there isn’t a convenient location in West Cobb. Maybe if we get the City of Lost Mountain voted in, we can convince them to get some Krispy Kreme out here, because who doesn’t want to see that Fresh Hot sign glowing on a cold morning, or evening after a long day?

Well my donut journey starts down in Marietta at the closest Krispy Kreme to my house. For this blog, I figure we needed a constant, and what better constant than the traditional glazed? It is going to be hard to beat if the Fresh Hot sign is on, but oh my! I also grabbed one glazed creme filled. This has been my go to second choice for as long as I can remember. Always light and fluffy, but a bit messy when the glaze cracks. Still such a delight to the taste buds, well at least for me.

Tip Top Donuts

This place is on 41 just past the intersection with Allgood Road, headed north.

Can you tell I didn’t get there first thing in the morning?

I had heard wonderful things, so I headed in to grab 1 glazed and then asked the clerk what the most popular donut was. She said Glazed was top, but close second was a Sour Cream Cake donut.

I really enjoyed each of these. The glazed is more dense than the Kirspy Kreme, but had a nice easy texture and taste. I can also understand why the sour cream cake donut is popular. It has a great crust under the glaze and a sweet flavor.

Marietta Donuts #2

The last stop was in Kennesaw. This is at the intersection of 41 at Mack Dobbs.

Marietta Donuts #2 on 41 in Kennesaw

Here I also ordered the glazed donut and asked for the most popular. First I’ll tell you that the Glazed was delicious! I was so conflicted, but size, and flavor this shop was my favorite. Ok, and then their specialty . . .

This is a Strawberry Cheesecake filled donut!

The cheesecake filling was amazing and the fresh strawberries were sweet and cut just the right size for the bite. When I walked into the store and saw them, I’ll admit I was hoping they would be the one the Clerk would recommend as the most popular.

My favorite for the day was Marietta Donuts #2. Tip Top was really good, and if I was down in Marietta I wouldn’t hesitate to swing by and grab a dozen assorted.

Can you really go wrong with donuts?

MaKay Swanson

MaKay Swanson

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