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Pet of the Week – Bartleby

Meet Bartleby

Bartleby is a 2 yr old 34 lbs. Shepherd Mix

He is currently off site in the Prison/Foster program, so calling the Humans at Mostly Mutts will help you get an in person meeting set up.

Here are some of his highlights:

      • Social Skills – He likes to have other dogs around. He hasn’t met any children yet, so meeting to see how he responds is a great idea. No known interactions with cats

      • Personality – Fairly shy, but when he feels safe he let’s his puppy side come out. Is more timid outside and prefers to be inside so far.

      • Energy Level 4-5

      • Training – He is almost graduated from Mostly Mutts University. He’s mastered :Sit, Stay, Down, Come, Drop It, Leave it, and Place commands. He uses proper door etiquette, and doesn’t jump when meeting people. Working on Leash manners

      • Potty Habits – His potty habits are good, but doesn’t enjoy spending time outside.

      • Crate – His crate is his safe place and likes it there.

    Likes - just beginning to warm up to people, but seems to really want to like people
    Dislikes - Outside, and will need to be on a leash as he is a flight risk if startled. Wouldn't like not getting the love attention exercise and training all dogs deserve

    He is current on  shots. He is microchipped and neutered. Currently he is on anti anxiety meds to help him feel more comfortable

    These are just highlights, for his full profile and adoption link click here: Mostly Mutts Link

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