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Blizz  is a 5-6 month  old 25++ lbs.  Hound Mix


Here are some of Blizz’s highlights:

    • Social Skills – He has done well meeting and playing with other dogs. Cats in the home are not recommended at this time because he is too interested in them. He has met and interacted with children over 10, so bigger kids would be great playmates.

    • Personality – Sweet, playful and full of joy

    • Energy Level 5-7

    • Training – He is looking for a family who will have the time to teach him everything he needs to know about being a good pup. He is smart and wants to learn and please those around him so he is catching on to early commands like sit and down, especially when yummy rewards are offered.

    • Potty Habits – He is a puppy, so still having accidents, but is working on control and proper potty manners.

    • Crate – He will settle down after some barking, but will remind you that he is there if he hears someone is nearby.

BLIZZ  LIKES  – being the center of attention,snuggles and tug-o-war. 


BLIZZ  DISLIKES –  being bored,  being separated from his people

He is current on  puppy  shots but there will be more boosters to finish the puppy immunizations. He is microchipped and neutered. 

These are just highlights, for his full profile and adoption link click here: Mostly Mutts Link

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