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Pet of the Week – Duncan

Pet of the Week - Duncan

Duncan  is an 8 month old 44 lbs. Bull Dog Mix

He is currently off site in the Prison/Foster program, so calling the Humans at Mostly Mutts will help you get an in person meeting set up.

Here are some of Duncan’s highlights:

      • Social Skills – He likes to have other dogs around, but he does play rough. He got really excited meeting some 10 yr old children the other day, so maybe a home with a teen would work out better. No known interactions with cats

      • Personality – Sweet affectionate and very friendly. Is very curious and LOVES to play. Will need lots of activity.

      • Energy Level 9-10

      • Training – He is a graduate from Mostly Mutts University. He’s mastered :Sit, Stay, Down, Come, Drop It, Leave it, and Place commands. He uses proper door etiquette, leash manners using the “gentle leader” and doesn’t jump when meeting people. 

      • Potty Habits – His potty habits are good with only rare accidents (remember any time there is a new place he could have some regression until he learns the routine.

      • Crate – He has good crate manners.

    Duncan Likes  – to play! likes toys but has to be watched to make sure he chews them and doesn’t eat them. Likes cuddles after bath time.


     Duncan DISLIKES –  spending too much time in his crate.

    He is current on  shots. He is microchipped and neutered. 

    These are just highlights, for his full profile and adoption link click here: Mostly Mutts Link

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