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Heidi is a 12 years old 15 lbs. Beagle/Terrier mix

Here are some of her highlights:

    • Social Skills – She is an attention hog. She doesn’t read signals from other dogs well. She doesn’t get along well with cats. She can be protective of her humans.

    • Personality – Super sweet, curious & affectionate, but not super playful.

    • Energy Level – 4-6, but tends to match her persons energy level.

    • Training – She is working on learning hand signals since she is hard of hearing. Because of hearing issues should always be on a leash.

    • Potty Habits – Because of her heart meds she drinks a lot of water so a regular potty schedule is very important (every 3-4 hrs)

    • Crate – She doesn’t like the crate, and will bark and howl.

    • Likes –  Being near her person. Hiding under blankets and sleeping with my human.

    • Dislikes – Being away from my human, or being in the crate
    •  Wouldn’t like not getting the love attention exercise and training all dogs deserve

Medical Info – She is vaccinated She is chipped and spayed. Has a heart murmur which requires medication, as well as other meds for cardio myopothy and joint problems. She also has a benign mammary mass.

These are just highlights, for her full profile and adoption link click here: Mostly Mutts Link


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