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Pet of the Week – Mary Ann

Pet of the Week Mary Ann

The Mostly Mutts Pet of the Week  – Mary Ann is a 4 yr old Boxer Mix. 

Here are some of her highlights:

      • Social Skills -She has enjoyed playdates with other dogs, so a multi-dog home would be ideal. She also did well meeting children around the age of 10, so a home with older children may be a good fit. It is unknown how she might do in a home with cats.

      • Personality – Sweet, friendly girl, shy and unresponsive around some people. She also responds better to people with calm temperment, and smaller stature.

      • Energy Level – 6-7 when she is with familiar people, but 2 if nervous

      • Training – She  learned sit, down, come, place and stay, as well as proper door etiquette and leash manners

      • Potty Habits – She shows good potty habits but because of her shy personality you should expect accidents as she gains her confidence and adapts to her new home.

      • Crate – She is ok with her crate. but has to be coaxed out with treats. The hope is as she adapts to a new home, she will regain her confidence

        • Likes –  Attention from people she is comfortable with, playing with other dogs, going on long walks and being outside.

        • Dislikes – Trucks, loud or super high energy people
        •  Wouldn’t like not getting the love attention exercise and training all dogs deserve

      Medical Info – She is vaccinated She is chipped and spayed. 

      These are just highlights, for her full profile and adoption link click here: Mostly Mutts Link

      MaKay Swanson

      MaKay Swanson

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