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Pet of the Week – Olaf

Blue is a 3-4 months old medium to  Large when full grown Blue Heeler Terrier mix

This sweet boy was born shortly after his mama arrived at Mostly Muttsw


Here are some of Blue’s highlights:

      • Social Skills – Enjoys playing with his siblings so a home with other pups will be fantastic!  Since he is just learning about the world, he hasn’t met any kitties yet, but since he’s so young a home with a friendly cat would work. Since he is still a baby and chews a lot, a home without small children to chew would be best.

      • Personality – He is easy going and goofy, and a typical puppy. Very active and playful.

      • Energy Level 5 – 7 so daily exercise will be important

      • Training – His foster family thinks he’s smart and will take to training quickly as he gets older.

      • Potty Habits – He is learning but still has accidents in his crate.

      • Crate – He is learning about his crate and seems to be doing well.

    OLAG  LIKES  -Love & attention, playing with his siblings, tug of war, Food and treats


    OLAF  DISLIKES –  not getting the love and attention he deserves.

    He is current on  puppy vaccines, but will need to have boosters  as he grows. He is Micro-chipped and neutered

    These are just highlights, for his full profile and adoption link click here: Mostly Mutts Link

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