Public Schools

Here are the schools that are considered West Cobb or North West Cobb. These links will bring you to The School webpages. I will try to bring you more information about these schools activities or events! Stay Tuned     Cobb Public Schools Elementary Acworth Intermediate Bullard Cheatham Hill Dowell Due West Ford Frey Hayes […]

Active Adult Communities

A growing trend in our area is the Active Adult Community. These neighborhoods may be a small section of a larger Subdivision or in Independent Developments. The Baby Boomer Generation is getting older, and living longer, healthier lives. The housing industry has seen a need for homes designed to make independent a safe and reasonable […]

How to Choose a Lender to Finance your Home

○ I’m MaKay Swanson, and I am lucky to live, work and play with the wonderful people of West Cobb County.○ Today’s topic is How to choose a home lender.○ Having been in real estate for 21 years I’ve worked with a lot of Lenders, some work endlessly to make sure everything stays on track, […]

Moving To West Cobb County, GA: The Ultimate Guide

Where Exactly is West Cobb? Let’s start with the basics, Cobb County is North West of Atlanta, and considered part of the Atlanta Metro Area. Within Cobb there are 4 Quadrants. North Cobb, whose cities include Acworth, Kennesaw and Marietta. East Cobb, whose cities are Marietta, Roswell and a small portion of Woodstock. South Cobb […]