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Business of the Week- Mom & Pups Pet Supply

Business of the Week - Mom & Pups

This week’s West Cobb hotspot is Moms & Pups Pet Supply! I love this place so much. They have so many of the specialty items I use with my fur-babies.

What Sorts of Foods Do They Carry?

Do you feed standard Kibble, Canned, or Fresh mixed food? One of the things that originally brought me to Mom & Pups was the special diet I had chosen for my 2 dogs. I feed Allprovide Raw &  Farmina kibble as part of my dog’s diet, and you can’t find those just anywhere, but you can always find them here. They have a wonderful assortment of foods to try including dehydrated and frozen raw complete meals.

They also have several brands of cat food so your feline friends won’t feel left out.

Does your fur friend need supplements? Mom & Pups offers an extensive selection of vitamins, supplements, and herbal treatments to make sure your pet stays in the best possible health. From antianxiety to dental health they have a full selection of the most trusted brands in holistic treatments for your dog or cat.

What Services are available at Mom & Pups?

Did I mention that you can schedule a wash station and DIY dog wash? All the tools and supplies required for that special spa treatment at a fraction of the cost of a traditional groomer.  They have shampoos, conditioners, and stain treatments all included in the price of your wash station. There is also an apron provided, so you can leave it almost as dry as when you arrived. 

When the bath is over, the high-output dryer will have your pet dry in a fraction of the time it would take to air dry or dry with a standard hair dryer at home. In my opinion that is worth the price right there! After all the work is done there are even scented coat finish sprays. The stalls are scheduled for 30-minute increments – My only advice is to go ahead and do all your coat prep ie. combing and de-matting, prior to your bath time to make the most of your time in the wash station.

Maybe you are looking for someone who will take care of all the grooming for you. Mom & Pups has several groomers that will take great care of your fur companion, with convenient drop-off and pick-up when the hard work is done. These services do require an appointment, but that is a small inconvenience if your schedule is just too full.

Avaliable pet supplies

Finally, as you are considering an outing with your favorite 4-legged companion, they have stylish leashes, and collars, as well as carriers and other tools to make getting out into the world that much easier!

Maybe there is a birthday coming up and you need to purrfect princess present?  They have so many toys and accessories to make your pet feel loved and honored on their special day.

Have you ever been? If you have pets you really should check them out!

Locations –  800 Whitlock Avenue Suite 104

Website:  Mom & Pup’s Pet Supplies and Services


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