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Your West Cobb Events – March 2, 2023

West Cobb Events March 2

High School Happenings


2023 Cobb High School Graduation Schedules

Winter Sports


Hillgrove High School Athletics


Harrison Highschool Athletics

Performing Arts


Check your School For Performances and Competitions

Hillgrove Drama Harrison Drama Allatoona Drama

Hillgrove Band Harrison Band Allatoona Band

Hillgrove Orchestra Harrison Orchestra Allatoona Orchestra

Hillgrove Chorus Harrison Chorus Allatoona Chorus

***If you have information about any of these programs and would like to provide updated information please comment and let me know. Not all schools provide easily discovered information about their events.***

Ongoing Events

(These are things that happen weekly all year)

Cobb Youth Sports

Click here to find current information about Youth Sports Opportunities around the Cobb County

Please send me the email version of the Events list Weekly

Business of the Week - Mom & Pups

My favorite day of the week is finally here! This week’s West Cobb hotspot is Moms and Pups! I love this place so much because they have so many of the specialty items I use with my furbabies.

I feed a mixed Raw and Kibble diet, which is difficult to find, but They keep a selection of my favorites.

Did I mention that you can schedule a wash station and DIY dog wash? All the tools and supplies for that special spa treatment at a fraction of the cost of a  groomer.

Have you ever been? If you have pets you really should check them out!

Upcoming Events:

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MaKay Swanson

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