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Pet of the Week – Pauline

Pet Of the Week Pauline

Pauline is a 7-8 month old Boarder Collie Mix. She came to Mostly Mutts with siblings, but is ready to go out and find her forever home!

Here are some of her highlights:

      • Social Skills -She has enjoyed playdates with other pups of similar energy and calmer respectful interaction with an older dog. She also did well meeting children around the age of 10, so a home with older children may be a good fit.

      • Personality – Sweet, friendly girl. Being a herding breed she may have traits associated with that, which means there could be bumping or nipping to keep her “herd” safe. Calm in the Car.

      • Energy Level – 5.7 but may increase with age.


      • Training – She is just beginning her training program, but has already learned sit, down, come and stay, as well as proper door etiquette

      • Potty Habits – She will need lots of attention and patience because her former situation didn’t seem to cover any structured potty time or place. Expect accidents, and retraining from going potty in the crate.

      • Crate – She is ok with her crate, but as mentioned above doesn’t keep it clean.

        • Likes –  People, Toys, Belly Rubs and food

        • Dislikes – No known dislikes 
        •  Wouldn’t like not getting the love attention exercise and training all dogs deserve

      Medical Info – She is vaccinated She is chipped and spayed.

      These are just highlights, for her full profile and adoption link click here: Mostly Mutts Link

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