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Best Of West Cobb – My 3 Favorite Local Restaurants

3 Favorite Local Restaurants

It seems like I just wrote about favorite restaurants, but I guess the time of day I’m writing is affecting my blogging choices, so today let’s talk about My 3 Favorite Local restaurants

Hidalgo’s Mexican Restaurant – 3600 Dallas Highway, Marietta, GA

Last time I talked about Ceilo Blue. This is a favorite for carry out, probably because it is almost exactly 1 mile but Hidalgo’s is a favorite on another level. Not too far apart, but very different in their atmosphere. I think of Hidalgo’s as more of a traditional Mexican restaurant.

One of the features that is so appealing is their Lunch Buffet. You can order the buffet and fill up on all of your favorites in any combination you can imagine. The food is well seasoned and the staff is always friendly and attentive. My favorite meal is 1 crunchy taco (who doesn’t love a fresh taco from a real mexican restaurant), and a bowl of their chicken soup, served with sliced avacado and half a lime!! Yummo!

China Moon – 3960 Mary Eliza Trace Suite 700 Marietta, GA 30064

Tucked in between the Natures Corner Market and Peace Love and Pizza, is China Moon.

Have you noticed there are fewer and fewer Chinese restaurants that are more than just a Take Out Counter? Well I sure have. I love Mongolian Beef, or Shrimp with Lobster Sauce served hot on a plate at the table! China moon still serves dishes at the table. Their food is well prepared and nicely presented and always just a little more than you really want to eat in one sitting, so you are sure to have a little to take home for a snack later. I’m so glad to have this place to get my chinese food fix!

Major Q – 3600 Dallas Hwy, Marietta, GA 30064

The final offering in the Best of West Cobb Local Restaurants is Major Q.

This place originally opened as Sam’s BBQ, but after a few years under that name has rebranded as Major Q. Same great food, just a different name.

When we have a hankerin for BBQ and want to stay in the neighborhood this is the place. Just a tick over a mile from home means it’s super convenient, so we eat there quite a bit.

One of our recent favorites is an order of Fresh Pork rinds. I can tell you there is something so satisfying in that crunch!

I am also a huge fan of their smoked chicken salad, which reminds me of a recipe my mom used to make with almonds and celery and egg. It really has that wonderful homemade taste. My Mother in law loves the potato salad, and has been known to order it to carry to family gatherings, while my Dear Husband, would probably eat the redneck lasagna all the time. The grandsons like the pork sandwich and the Hickory Fries (fries smothered in pork bbq!).

There you have it, our local restaurant favorites

Have you tried these, or do you have another favorite that I should try?

MaKay Swanson

MaKay Swanson

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